The Beef lose in Overtime

The Omaha Beef lost in overtime to the Bismarck Bucks 41-38. What started out as a game that was completely controlled by the Beef in the first half, turned into a second half debacle and a controversial field goal to finish the game.


Omaha got off to a big start going up 17-0 behind a touchdown by running back Jeff Mack and a interception returned for a touchdown by defensive back Mike McGee. It was the first time in two games that Omaha possessed a lead. A touchdown pass to wide receiver Jayhem Bryd-Mix and two field goals in the second quarter got the Bucks going before halftime. The Beef offense was able to score on every drive in the first half and took a 18-point halftime lead.


The Beef offense was stagnant throughout the second half only managing to score seven points. Quarterback John Gibbs had a touchdown overturned in the 3rd quarter. He dove head first into the endzone and during the process his helmet was removed by a Bucks defender. According to the CIF Rulebook, “The ball is dead when the ball carrier’s helmet comes completely off.” Upon the review, the ball was marked short of the goal-line, resulting in a Omaha turnover on-downs. The score remained 37-20 Omaha leading.


Bismarck was able to catch another break and put themselves into position to kick a 29-yard field goal with 2 seconds remaining to send it into overtime. The Bucks were able to outscore the Beef 25-7 in the second half and forced the game into overtime.


Omaha got the ball first at midfield and on second down, Gibbs threw an interception and gave the Bucks an opportunity to win the game. Bismarck was able to get into position to win the game with a kick from 19 yards. The kick hit the right upright and was called no good. The referees reviewed it and they determined that the kick was good and the Beef went on to lose their third straight game, with the last two being at home. With all the bad luck, the Beef still may be able to slip into the eighth seed.


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